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Featured Series | Comics Galore With Rachel McGill

by your humble TBL Journal Administrator

I’m so pleased and happy to feature Rachel McGill — comics reviewer and overall good person. It’s been a while since a new Featured Series has appeared here on TBL Journal and Rachel McGill’s Feature is long overdue!

A few years ago, I was in search for a comic reviewer — I wanted TBL Journal to branch into a more visual aesthetic of storytelling. My little eyes happened to land on LV141 Rogue (the name was so cool!), Rachel McGill’s blog. Then, Rachel McGill had just started blogging and had already written a few reviews. Her reviews are honest, political, and engaging — I was hooked!

Why TBL Loves Rachel McGill
Rachel is an intelligent writer, thinker, and reviewer; she dedicates her time to use her platform for making a difference through her reviews. She has the guts to approach topics which may seem taboo for many reviewers but that are necessary for this time and this moment.

Why TBL Picked Rachel McGill
TBL Journal focuses on selecting individuals whose person and work will uphold its mission. Rachel brings to the table a fun and smart take on comic culture while also providing her readers with a necessary analysis on our society and its consistent undervaluing of certain life perspectives and worldviews.


Take a look at a special interview that accompanies this Featured Series!

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