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Well Hello 2018! Can You Believe TBL Journal Is In Part 9?!?

In 2013, I started this humble little project that I began calling “The Black Lion Journal: A Journal Of Contemporary Writings” (any supporters remember those days?). The name has since changed, but it’s still a journal of contemporary writings. Last year, The Wire’s Dream, a magazine of creative work (and an extension of TBL Journal’s Mission and Credo), was launched — and now has three Collections and is currently accepting creative submissions for its 4th Collection! (Submit you work here!)

The experiment continues! Last year, I dedicated a resolution to post everyday for the entire year; I made it probably 95% of the way. I did enjoy it, to be honest. What I would like to try this year is to post 2 or 3 times a week, with a focus on posts by the contributors (to whom I owe all because, without them, TBL Journal would NOT exist!), and a focus on upholding TBL Journal’s Mission and Credo. What say you?

There is space for articles on music, film and tv, reviews, literature, literature and politics, essays on feminism, and academia — want to join?

SO! 2018, let’s go!

Christina Lydia
Founder, Admin, Creative Deviser


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