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‘The Girl Who Said Sorry’ By Hayoung Yim, Illustrations By Marta M.

By Christina Lydia

How many times have you said sorry this week? What about this month? Unless you’re one of those individuals who have a hard time saying sorry, the often automatic response tends to be for just about anything. More often than not, women are told to be submissive, to be likable, and to say sorry. The Girl Who Said Sorry by Hayoung Yim is a testament to the contradicting double standards that young girls and women face on a daily basis. As an amazing bonus, 50% proceeds from this book goes to serve Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation adolescent girl campaign.

The Girl Who Said Sorry is a children’s story about a young girl who has been subjected to conflicting advice, demands, suggestions, and implications on how to act, dress, feel, and think. The illustrations, by Marta M, beautifully uphold the story’s lyrical moments in a simple, clean representation of frustration and confusion.

'The Girl Who Said Sorry' By Hayoung Yim, Illustrations By Marta M.

'The Girl Who Said Sorry' By Hayoung Yim, Illustrations By Marta M.

What I like the most about this story is it’s appeal to younger readers. This story serves well as a moral tool for both young girls and boys; it also benefits adult readers to see what it looks like when adults say harmful words to young children. Teachers, parents, and figures of authority all have responsibility to examine how language impacts others, especially the young.

The Girl Who Said Sorry is a quick, memorable story that leaves readers with one impactful message: be yourself without apology. I highly recommend this story to young readers (adults too).

About Hayoung Yim

Hayoung Yim, authorHayoung Yim is a third-wave feminist, environmentalist, advocate for evidence-based public policies, and diverse writer. A UofT graduate in political science and English, she strives to highlight issues to developing children in an approachable manner. She lives in Toronto, Canada, where she dreams about implementing social change through popular culture. In her spare time, she likes to travel through time and space.

About Marta M.

Marta M. Illustrator Marta M. is an illustrator and graphic designer. Game design is her passion, although she has a Master’s Degree in architecture. She is located in Poland where she spends her days designing, loving her cats, and nerding out. » Visit Marta M. On Upwork

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