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Contribute To TBL Journal’s General Sections

Hello prospective contributor! I want you to join the The Black Lion Journal’s family of already awesome and talented contributors!

It’s been 4 years since I humbly started TBL Journal and it has gone through plenty of reincarnations since. Bloggers and writers know that this is the business of having a blog, a journal, or a lit mag — things evolve because they must evolve to keep up with whatever goals and missions were initially set out.

Having said this, TBL Journal’s mission is one that involves honoring and sharing differing and underrepresented world views by overcoming boundaries that oppress and discriminate others based on one’s sex, gender, sexuality, ethnicity/nationality, age, class, and/or economic status.

TBL Journal needs people like you to continue this mission. It has dedicated its space toward giving value to underrepresented voices, worldviews, and life perspectives. Your voice is valued and appreciated.

TBL Journal has current openings for articles that feature Event Goers, Academics, Essayists, Reviewers, Travelers, and Photographers. Articles can be shared from your website or can be exclusively written for the Journal. Publication credit other than your own blog plus inclusion of any blog/website links, social media links, and bio are given to all contributors.

Share your voice with us!


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