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A Necessary Function — YES! Magazine Has A Call For Submissions On Decolonization

A Necessary Function -- YES! Magazine Has A Call For Submissions On Decolonization

Decolonization — an experience that is unapparent in these united states. The shared and collective history of those who call this part of the planet home have endured colonization throughout early history. From the so-called exploration by Columbus (and possibly earlier explorations as well) to the destructive and violent ways oppression survived in the hands of early colonial settlers, the First Nation people have had their voices shunted — their worldviews trodden on; they have had their livelihoods questioned, reformed, and often erased.

First Nation voices matter just as much as all other oppressed groups living in these united states.

YES! Magazine has a call for submissions seeking First Nation voices on the topic of decolonization.

“Decolonization is needed. We heard it loudly at Standing Rock. We hear it every day from oppressed people. But what does that look like? Is it all or nothing? Does the idea of it differ by generation? How much is really possible? And who benefits—how might breaking free from systems of White supremacy be liberating for everyone?”

Stories are an essential part of what makes a community a community; they’re the backbone of what has defined our species and our culture; they’ve reshaped our experience and scripted our worldviews and opinions. They have the power to redefine truths and realities for the better. First Nation people have to continue the perilous fight for their rightful voice. Seek spaces in which voices of those who are oppressed or underrepresented are valued, heard, and made aware.

A Necessary Function -- YES! Magazine Has A Call For Submissions On Decolonization

Send pitches and leads to decolonize@yesmagazine.org by October 30th, 2017

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