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100 + List Of Lit Mags/Journals/Presses To Follow & View — Because We’re Writers Too!

100 + List Of Lit Mags/Journals/Presses To Follow & View -- Because We're Writers Too! | Black Lion Journal

It’s easy to forget that us editors are writers too. Of course we want to submit our work. Of course we want that bit of notoriety that comes along. But, like all writers, our work doesn’t just magic itself into a submissions box. We have to write and send it too. Just like you.

With that said, over on twitter land, The Wire’s Dream Magazine (the creative extension of yours truly) has gathered a list of pretty fantastic lit mags, journals, and presses that are more than happy to accept that long-hidden gem in your computer or notebook or corner of homework. Of course, be sure to read their submission guidelines as they all are different and all emphasize different work and literary perspectives.

Click away!

❤ The Black Lion

>> View list on The Wire’s Dream Magazine’s twitter <<

(If you know of a journal or lit mag that hasn’t been on this list yet, let @TWDMagazine know!)

NOTE: This Info will also be posted on the Opportunities page

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