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#InstagramInspiration With Sissh Art | #Art #WiredArtist

By Christina Lydia

When viewing art for the inaugural collection of The Wire’s Dream, I stumbled upon Sissh’s artwork featured on her Art blog, Sissh Art, and immediately knew this was an artist that I wanted to know more about. Her style is creative and fun, and her artwork spans different subjects. From sketches to calligraphy to abstract digital work, Sissh creates beautiful work that is both colorful and meaningful.

“Watercolours have kind of taken over my life – I paint during my lunchtimes and make time again in the evenings sometimes waking up extra early to fit a little touch up or sketch in. I sketch as often as I can in-between work, chores and life and find it’s a great way to unwind.” | Interview With Sissh

BL | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion


BL | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion | Christina Lydia

All images by Sissh from Sissh Art On Instagram | The Black Lion is a humble interdisciplinary journal that values your voice. Visit the submissions page to learn more about submitting to the Journal’s sections or to The Wire’s Dream Magazine. | Copyright Policy


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