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by Angela Vincent

As we all know, bookshops come and bookshops go; but I am very pleased to say that Nomad Books in Fulham is one bookshop which came, stayed, and flourished. I first visited Nomad books well over 15 years ago when I was working in Parsons Green, Fulham. It was a mere stones-throw away from where I was working; and, as in those days, the job I had involved much traveling on foot or bike. And so, I had many opportunities to drop in. I distinctly remember picking up some travel books there for hubby’s birthday which in that year, I had been particularly disorganised about. One of those books has been a go-to book ever since when planning where to travel next in the world!

Children's Book Section | Beautiful Book Shops #8: Nomad Books, Fulham | Changing Pages | BL | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion

For me, Nomad Books is a perfect browsing bookshop. It’s a beautiful, spacious and light-filled shop. There are tables brimming with tempting titles, comfy inviting sofas, and chairs in cheery colours. On the day I visited there was some very happy background music which had me tapping my toes whilst perusing the packed — but organised — shelves. This book shop positively encourages you to “stay a while”. The ground floor is given over to a fantastic array of fiction, contemporary, classic, and much more besides, as well as a great travel section and selection of non fiction. One of the things I loved was the hand-written reviews by the staff, each being tucked into the books. I love to hear what booksellers think and I will often be easily swayed by their reviews.

Downstairs is all about children’s books. Lots of them. I didn’t need any children’s books on this occasion but this would definitely be a good place to come if I did. It was a quiet midday week in winter when I visited but I can imagine during the school holidays or at weekends this downstairs space would be full of children discovering wonderful new books that’ll capture their imaginations and take them to wonderful places.

Maggie and Me Book Cover | Beautiful Book Shops #8: Nomad Books, Fulham | Changing Pages | BL | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion

One of the points made by Erica from Bookshop around the Corner in my recent interview with her was that 90% of what makes each bookshop special is the people. In particular, the bookseller(s). If that is the case, and I believe it probably is, then Nomad books gets full marks. The staff are friendly, chatty and happy to let you wander. They offer advice if asked and pass along helpful comments on books you may be deliberating. I managed to restrict myself to one book on this occasion (it wasn’t easy, I could have bought many more). I bought David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, one of the 5 classics I’m aiming to read this year.

There are plenty of cafes on Fulham Road so lots of places to take your purchases and enjoy with a cup of tea and slice of cake (Green Tea and gluten free cake of course – this is Fulham!)

It had been a few too many years since my last visit, so I was thrilled to see how thriving Nomad Books is. I vow to make sure there isn’t such a long gap until my next visit.

Nomad Books Website | Twitter @nomadbooks


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