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The Way Is Half Shut

It would be easy to say
the wind pushed it.
“Not me.”

The pressure, ever so slight
its wooden flap
too old for stability,
easily gave in.

In this world of mine,
ravens squeal,
pigs squawk,
and things that would craw
walk upright
where they now belong.

And when the sun shines irregular
against windowed buildings, illuminating
that once traveled path,
I will say you are in a cave
in an allegory
and you are only staring at a wall.



BL | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion | Christina Lydia
“This Moment is a self-narrative project that asks us to be present, if for only a few minutes in our lives, to the events around us. The purpose is to become conscious of our experience in relation to what has happened throughout this political season and since this administration came into power. My intention is to feature these moments as a collection of our voices and as a document of our response to this political climate.” | Add Your Voice

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Plato’s Allegory Of The Cave 


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