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Two Inspirational Posts By ‘Action Friday’ That Will Give You Enough Motivation To Carry You For The Week

Two Inspirational Posts By 'Action Friday' That Will Give You Enough Motivation To Carry You For The Week

I happened to find the ‘Action Friday’ tumblr through a Showing Up For Racial Justice (SUFRJ) volunteer, friend, and author of this post. Known for its work to normalize political engagement and activism, ‘Action Friday’ is also for those who want helpful and encouraging information about how you can give your part for political causes you believe in.

“Action Friday is an attempt to normalize political engagement and activism. Each Friday I will suggest one action to take in the coming week to more deeply involve yourself in local, national, and global activism. These will be simple tasks with straightforward instructions. I will be working hard to find reliable and trustworthy information sources. My goal is that the average citizen can come to this blog once a week and follow step-by-step guides to take once concrete action to progress our world.” — Action Friday

Shy Person’s Guide To Calling Representatives

Both posts give an encouraging push for those who are always looking for ways to help in however they can. “Shy Person’s Guide to Calling Representatives” is your go-to guide for those who are naturally shy as well as for those who are unfamiliar, therefore shy, with the political process.

The suggestions are straight forward and ask that individuals follow a prepared script. This hasn’t been the first time I’ve read suggestions like these. Many prepared scripts have been tweeted before, during, and especially after the election season. The reason for their popularity is because they work.

‘Action Friday’ has suggested that we focus on one action. Whether you feel comfortable marching or more comfortable working the phone, you can always find a way to participate. This article focuses on calling: before, during and after the call.

“Know that you don’t have to be persuasive. You are really just calling to put yourself on a tally that will be passed along to your representative. You don’t have to convince anyone and no one will try to argue with you. Just say your piece (as awkwardly as you want! they won’t care!) and get off the phone.”


“Start Volunteering” is an informative post that asks all of us to start volunteering around our communities. Volunteering with organizations that promote issues that are currently on a political chopping board is also a great way to politically contribute; and is also a great way to participate and normalize activism. Of course, all suggestions require that you do proper research on an organization first and find out if there are local chapters in your area.

‘Action Friday’ gives 6 solid suggestions on how to get started.

• First, assess your availability
• Consider what kind of organization you’d like to volunteer for
• Think about what you can offer [for the organization]
• Do some research
• Actually apply
• Give it a chance

“Volunteering is often a big commitment (although there are drop-in and occasional volunteer opportunities too!) Organizations rely on consistent volunteers. Give it some time to pan out, and if it doesn’t work for you don’t be afraid to try something else.”

I’ll close by saying this: don’t let anyone make you feel less valued because you’re shy. Volunteering and political action can be served in a variety of ways. Find your niche, find what works, and go for it. The important thing is to not stand aside; your voice is powerful and it is important.


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