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I Suppose A New Administration Means A New Website. I Don’t Think So. | PDF Screenshots Of The Missing Pages Plus What You Can Find With Wayback Machine (Thank You, Internet)

When I read that you-know-who (T)’s administration deleted the white house history pages for civil rights, LGBTQIA rights, and pretty much everything that was under President Obama administration, I was disgusted. I know that every administration changes and/or updates the website with new information; and sure, that includes reorganizing pages to reflect a new administration’s policies. However, it should not be acceptable that the historical pages of the civil rights, like information on the Selma march, or information about one of our most vulnerable groups, like LGBTQIA communities, or information about our world, like climate change, should be eradicated. These are issues that concern real people, real AMERICANS, and the world. How can they be disregarded by an administration that claims to be “for the people”?

The white house website is a place that honors history and the historical moments that have contributed to the positive changes and direction of history — one that I hope we continue. Erasing those pages is a political move against history and against the people whom the government must stand for. If the government is for the people, then it should represent all of the people, not a select few. I hope that those who voted for you-know-who (T) come to realize that, but I highly doubt it.

Removing those pages is a move that attempts to delegitimize and history. And that’s a move that a fascist government would make. Keep that in mind. This is not normal nor will it become normal. Remember that too and remember the 5 lessons from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..

Below I’ve assorted PDF screen shots of the webpages; they don’t preserve the movability of the actual website of course, but you are able to download and read what was on them. For those who know what Wayback Machine is, it is a digital archive of the internet. I’ve also assorted a “site map” of the original white house website that will take you to those pages. This does preserve navigation and works just like it did before. The PDFs are to ensure that there’s something preserved if something ever “happens” to Wayback Machine (TIP: Don’t take it for granted).

The Former White House Website

Courtesy of Wayback Machine (Thank You, Internet): As of January 1, 2017

header-obama-white-house | BL | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion

White House (Main Page)

The Briefing Room

Issues (Top Issues)

Civil Rights
Voting Rights Act
Criminal Justice Reform
Fighting Discrimination (LGBTQIA included)
It Gets Better Youtube Series (should still be on YouTube)
Engage And Connect: We The People
Climate Change
Foreign Policy
Health Care
Iran Deal
Immigration Action



1600 Pensylvania Avenue

Fact Sheet: President Obama to Announce Historic Carbon Pollution Standards for Power Plants (Aug. 3, 2015)
Executive Orders
Letter To President Obama From The People
LGBT(QIA) Community
The Record: Social Progress
Statement by the President on the Supreme Court Ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act

PDFs (And Extra) In The Case That Wayback Machine Also Becomes Eradicated

Climate Change

Climate Change Booklet

Protecting Against Discrimination | (Also Posted on Medium)

Obama Administration Record for the LGBT Community

50 Years Ago By Congressman John Lewis (Aug. 6, 2015)

50 Years After The Voting Rights Act: We Still Have Work To Do By President Barack Obama

Empowering Women And Girls

Expanding Economic Opportunity
Increasing Opportunity for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Improving Educational Opportunity
Increasing Access to Quality and Affordable Health Care
Ending Violence Against Women and Girls
Increasing Civic Engagement, Leadership, and Visibility for Women and Girls


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