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Submissions: Now Accepting Creative Work For The Wire’s Dream

Submissions:  Now Accepting Creative Work For The Wire's Dream & Additions To The Black Lion Journal Family | BL | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion

2017 has to be a year of solidarity and strength against any negative and harmful words, actions, and hate. This Journal’s Credo stands for inclusivity and diversity in all voices and narratives. I believe that creativity will be the glue that binds us together and all of our beautiful differences. For this reason, I’m proud to say that The Wire’s Dream, released as the Journal’s first ever magazine publication, will uphold strong values for representation — it’s a direct extension of the Journal’s values and mission.

Publishing is a political act; and creating art, fiction, illustrations — anything from our worldview — will lead a positive example toward reframing negative perspectives of difference. As a publisher of articles and creativity, this Journal must stand up and amplify voices unheard of and/or undervalued.

I would be honored to feature you.

There are 5 categories of creativity that The Wire’s Dream accepts work in: Art, Combinación (Combination/Genre-Blend), Creative Non-fiction, Fiction, Photography, and Poetry.

Submissions are open year-round and there are NO submission fees. Your work remains your own and copyrights are reverted to you on publication, both online and in print. There is no specified theme. Categories are open to any interpretation of styles: whimsical, experimental, minimalistic, genre-blending, and/or traditional. You will also have an accompanying interview for us to know more about you and what you love to do.

Once featured, you are welcome to submit more work. You and your work will be treated with value and respect; this means that this Journal will work to promote you and your work in the best way possible. One way this is done is by creating a souvenir print anthology of the issue your work appeared in for you, for those who appeared with you, and for reader giveaways. More ways of promotion are currently under consideration.

All this information can be found on the submissions page for The Wire’s Dream. Any questions, concerns, and/or complaints can be made to me, the editor, at theblacklionjournal

Submissions to The Wire’s Dream

The Black Lion Journal welcomes creative work in Fiction, Poetry, Art, Creative Non-Fiction, Photography, or Combinación — a combination. Creative work can vary in whimsical, genre-blending, experimental, traditional, and/or minimalistic approaches — there is no specified theme to the creative work accepted, provided that anything accepted adheres to the Journal’s efforts in respecting and valuing unheard of and/or undervalued voices. Submissions are open year-round.

Fiction or Creative Non-Fiction

• 1 – 2 pieces at one time
• 500 – 2500 words per piece
If you’re submitting pieces on the longer side (more than 1000 words), please upload them in two separate Word documents. Mixing: 1 Fiction, 1 Creative Non-Fiction per submission is Okay! So is: 2 Fiction or 2 Creative Non-Fiction per submission.


• 1 – 5 poems per submission
• Place all poems within one Word document

Art & Photography

• 1 – 8 high quality resolution images per submission (resolution at 300) in .png or JPEG only
• Attach all images in one email; if the files are too large for one email, you may zip them in a folder and attach them that way. You may also attach them in more than one email; however, be sure that you name and number the emails (eg. “[Name] Email 1 of 2”)


If you’re concerned about where your work will fit in, be not afraid; it can live in the Combinación, or Combination category. Here, you will find pieces that merge genres and classifications, that are considered wordless or graphic narratives, or pieces that are experimental. Regardless of their form, submitting your work is simple:

• If your work is primarily visual, like a wordless narrative, please follow the guidelines for attaching .png or JPEG files.
• If your work is a combination of text and visual elements, like a graphic novel/comic chapter, then also follow the guidelines for attaching .png or JPEG files.
• If your work is primarily text based, then please follow the guidelines for attaching written Word documents.

Any questions can always be directed to theblacklionjournal


• • •


Electronic Agreement

By submitting, you authenticate that your work is your own and you give TBL Journal permission to post your work online and to maintain it in The Wire’s Dream archives. You also give TBL Journal permission to create a souvenir print anthology — of the issue in which your work appeared in — for you, for the fellow contributors who also submitted work, and for potential giveaways as part of the promotion of you and your work. REMINDER: TBL Journal works to promote YOU. Copyrights always remain with the author/artist/photographer and work will not be sold for profit.

Personal Introduction

In the body of your email submission, please provide an introduction:
• Full Name & (Optional) Online Pen Name
• Bio Picture or Avatar (Attached)
• Brief Personal Bio (150 – 200 words)
• Social Media Link(s)
• Link to Blog/Website
• Link(s) to Previous Publications (if applicable)

Send Submission(s) To:

Subject line: Your name (Indicate the type of submission you’re submitting: Fiction/Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, Art, Photography, Combinación/Combination)

More Info

TBL Journal does not charge reading fees for The Wire’s Dream.
• Submissions for The Wire’s Dream are accepted year-round and are organized according to TBL Journal’s semi-annual parts
• Copyrights remain with the author/artist/photographer. Please credit TBL Journal’s The Wire’s Dream with 1st publication.
• Simultaneous submissions are accepted, provided that you note which pieces are being simultaneously submitted, if any.
• Feedback for written work may be given in an opt-in basis only. Please note whether you want feedback on any written work in your Personal Introduction.

Respect & Value

Please consider that all work published by TBL Journal must adhere to our Credo. With this in mind, pieces that are explicitly construed as openly offensive, violent, sexist, racist, hateful, and/or hurtful to any person(s) or group(s) will not be considered and will be deleted.


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