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In Lieu Of A Post… Brief Words And Holiday Cheer On Google’s Holiday Village! #HappyHolidays

Today’s post was written on the wee hours of Christmas Eve. And during these hours, I chose to do a quick Google search to see where Santa was. Along the way, I saw Santa’s village — and clicked to see what was going on over there.

In Lieu Of A Post... Brief Words And Holiday Cheer On Google's Holiday Village! #HappyHolidays | Christina Lydia | The Black Lion Journal | Google's Santa Tracker | The Black Lion | Black Lion

Santa’s Village

The Village’s houses have games and activities to get people into the holiday spirit. One of my favorites was the “Code Boogie” (it’s the house with the disco ball on top!). Basically, the game encourages individuals to practice a bit of code. I’m all for learning a bit of code and I think this kind of encouragement to learn something new, in a way that is fun an productive, is the best kind of holiday cheer that we all can enjoy. The game asks players to imitate dance moves by two elves who are doing the boogie. It’s fun and entertaining and I think worth your attention.

On behalf of The Black Lion Journal, I hope you enjoy your holiday season. Be kind.

Christina Lydia
TBL Journal Administrator


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