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Update: 8-West Press — An Independent Poetry Press By Non-Other Than TAST’s Binh H. Nguyen (And Company!)

Since The Black Lion Journal is known for valuing our contributors, our submitters, our authors, our reviewers, and our guests, it’s in no shape or form incongruous that 8-West Press, established by Binh H. Nguyen and company, have a valued place here.

Binh is the creator and purveyor of TAST — also known by Thru A Soft Tube. TAST has giving an opportunity for SDSU’s MFA candidates to showcase their work -— while also creating a safe space for networking and for being one’s self.

Binh H. Nguyen from TAST 2.1 Reading his work | The Black Lion Journal | The Black Lion | Image © 2016 Christina Lydia

Binh H. Nguyen

“Poets and writers mediate, talk, write about “a sense of place” and, for me, I consider San Diego to be my hometown, with Hillcrest being a near-and-dear ’hood to my heart.” — Binh

This time around, Binh has been occupied with establishing his new poetry publication, 8-West Press. According to their mission, 8-West Press aims to “give space to those who find a sense of belonging in writing.”

Although newly formed, there is no doubt of its growing success, with already a listing on Entropy’s Where to Submit for the month of December. If you haven’t done so already, take a look at Entropy’s wonderful list and keep an eye for 8-West Press, listed under “Journals & Anthologies.”

“This press is rooted in the idea of place: the spaces we occupy physically, mentally, spiritually and the way that it shapes our identity, as well as exploring the notion of where we truly belong. We aim to devote space to the voices of a diverse selection of writers in the work we feature, and have a strong desire to highlight the work of underrepresented groups, particularly people of color, members of the LGBTQIA community, and women.” — 8-West Press Mission

Update: Eight West Press -- An Independent Poetry Press By Non-Other Than TAST's Binh H. Nguyen (And Company!) | 8WPress | The Black Lion Journal | The Black Lion | Black Lion

Update: Eight West Press — An Independent Poetry Press By Non-Other Than TAST’s Binh H. Nguyen (And Company!)

8-West Press is accepting submissions to BOTH its general blog and to its themed-specific inaugural issue (NOTE: the inaugural issue has a submission fee of $5).

You can find more information by visiting 8-West Press’s website and Submittable page. Be sure to follow their updates on Twitter and Facebook.

SDSU alumni are welcome to submit!

TBL Journal will continue to update on Binh’s publishing adventures as well as 8-West Press’s happenings. We wish them success in their endeavors!


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¡PSST! © 2016 The Black Lion Journal. Image by Christina Lydia. Header image from 8-West Press’s website.

Visit The Submissions page to learn about submitting to individual sections or to The Wire’s Dream. P.S. Use the social media links below to share with others.



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