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UPDATE: Artist Sissh Continues Inspiring All With Her Watercolors, Illustrations, And Art

Artist Sissh participated in Inktober this year — an annual initiative started by Jake Parker — where she created 31 illustrations every day of the month of October. She has established herself as a creative business women, opening up shop with ArtPal, Redbubble, and Etsy; and her Instagram feels like a private collection of art curated for us by her expert eye for soft colors and delicate touches.

“Ink Landscape I [Inktober Day 4]” • Acrylic ink on 250gsm paper.

“I loved creating this. I thoroughly enjoy the way ink plays around on paper; the way you can guide it around by manipulating its attraction to water or drop it on a wet area and watch it fan out and dance. Also I love the simplicity of not having to choose colours but knowing I can add a dash of colour if I’d like and it wouldn’t get messed up is also nice.” –Sissh from “Ink Landscape I [Inktober Day 4]”

Her work varies from ink illustrations, pen drawings, to full-on colored pieces. In an exclusive interview with TBL Journal, creating art has been a passion of hers since she was 4 years old: “My earliest memories reach back to when I was about 4 years old watching and helping my grandmother make recycled craft mats and other things. Later in my life I would paint and crochet and do crafts whenever I had the chance and I had it in mind that it would be great if I could spend my life just making things all day.” — From “Interview | Artist Sissh On Her Passion, Inspiration, & Future Goals”

“First actual use of watercolours in sketch book.” From Getting Started!

After she was asked to be the inaugural artist for The Wire’s Dream — TBL Journal’s magazine of creativity — Sissh has been busy promoting her work and sharing her progress with her fans through her blog, Sissh Art.

Her blog documents her work and continued perseverance toward achieving her goals; since September of 2015, Sissh has been on-the-ball with new artwork and watercolors — a medium that she started using in 2015. Her first first use of watercolors in a sketchbook only illustrates her strong talent and soft touch for simple beauty.

Recently, Sissh work consist of acrylic abstracts depicting beautiful watercolored landscapes that give the impression of realism mixed with a textured perspective. Her style expands to the digital realm where she has mixed traditional and digital media to produce beautiful pieces.

Male character sketch | Sissh Art | The Black Lion Journal | The Black Lion | Black Lion

“Male character sketch” • Digital, Sketch

“I did a little more digital practise. This time focusing more on the different brushes and looking to create different textures.

The main point was to limit the amount of brushes I’d switch between in future. This was successful; I managed to save a few presets that I’m happy with for both sketching and colouring. Hopefully this should allow me to create more fluidly in future.” — Sissh From “Male character sketch”

Day 29: Silhouette | Sissh Art | The Black Lion Journal | The Black Lion | Black Lion

“Day 29: Silhouette”

“I didn’t deviate much from my usual pencil sketch and building up with watercolours.” — Sissh From “Day 29: Silhouette”


Sissh’s work and her perseverance is an inspiration for all who love art and all who wish to learn more. Be sure to follow Sissh on her blog, Instagram, and on Deviant Art. See her art on Redbubble and Art Pal


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¡PSST! © 2016 Sissh & The Black Lion journal. Images from Sissh Art & Instagram

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