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Four Strong Comics: Scarlet Witch #1, Deadpool #1, Ms. Marvel #1, ODY-C #1

Rachel McGill Lv141Rogue | The Black Lion Journal | The Black Lion

By Rachel McGill

Hello friends!

My name is Rachel and I love comics! It doesn’t matter the brand or the story, I’ll read almost anything. Join me as I read my way through new and old comics and give my unique perspective. With any luck I can help you find your new favorite comic or story arc!

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Scarlet Witch #1 by Robinson, Del Rey, and Bellaire | The Black Lion Journal | The Black Lion

Scarlet Witch #1 by Robinson, Del Rey, and Bellaire

Scarlet Witch #1 by Robinson, Del Rey, and Bellaire starts off with Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, waking up and looking into the mirror that reveals a much older version of herself. We proceed to find out that it is early in the morning and a ghost named Agatha is being super salty. Through a copious amount of self dialogue we discover that Scarlet Witch has become a witch hunter in order to pay penance for her sins.

Set in New York City, the art style felt like a throwback – grainy, scratchy, classic – real pen and pencil feel. Overall, the overarching story peeks my interest. The idea of witches being hunted by one of the most powerful characters in the MU that also happens to practice magic and have dope-ass abilities is fantastic! However, though understandable (as it is the first issue and was probably written to set up the series), it’s hard to ignore the constant narration from Scarlet Witch herself and the overall depressing tone of it all.


Deadpool #1 Duggan, Hawthorne, Pallot, Staples | The Black Lion Journal | The Black Lion

Deadpool #1 Duggan, Hawthorne, Pallot, Staples

Everybody loves the merc with a mouth, including me. And I was not disappointed when it came to Deadpool #1 by Duggan, Hawthorne, Pallot, and Staples. It starts with Deadpool breaking into a building and fighting White Fox only to find out it’s James Bourne (aka Solo and not Wade Wilson). You soon find that there are various mercs all over the world on different missions as Deadpool. Without spoiling too much, we find that once again, Deadpool is pissing someone off — including Luke Cage. This issue was amazingly sassy in all the right ways and it was able to fit a lot of different characters and information without becoming too bloated. The art is pretty standard for comics nowadays but I really enjoy the composition and different angles used within this comic. The best part … is something you’ll have to decide for yourself after buying this issue!


Ms. Marvel #1 Wilson, Miyazawa, Alphona, Herring | The Black Lion Journal | The Black Lion Journal

Ms. Marvel #1 Wilson, Miyazawa, Alphona, Herring

What happens when a typical American teenage girl happens to also be an Avenger? She’s probably really tired, but Kamala Khan handles her sh*t like a boss. Crush has a new gf (someone illegally using your image) beating up bad guys — all things Ms. Marvel has no trouble dealing with.

The story starts off with Ms. Marvel fighting with the Avengers then going home to shower and do homework all before bedtime. Not to mention her Bi-Weekly dungeon group in Ancient Scrolls online (*cough* ESO *cough*). Wilson does such a wonderful job in creating this dynamic FEMALE character (can I get a hell yeah?) that is very relatable, and shows us that heroes do more then fight bad guys all the time. The art style is playful with a twinge of angst. Emotions read so well in this comic. Plus, it is amazingly diverse in terms of characters.


ODY-C #1 Matt Fraction and Christian Ward | The Black Lion Journal | The Black Lion

ODY-C #1 Matt Fraction and Christian Ward

This series has the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen in a comic.

With the creative minds of Matt Fraction and Christian Ward, one can already expect a lot from this series. Issue #1 of Ody-C begins with the return home of some bad-ass female warriors along with a prisoner ball gagged and crawling on his hands and knees.

To be quite honest, it was hard for me to follow this story. There is a lot going on with a lot of people talking. That being said, I will most certainly be continuing this series and update you guys as I read more.

Thanks for reading!



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