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A Note On The Election: We Are Not Alone.

I’ve been up all night reading posts, comments, news articles about the 2016 election that most of the people in this country know is unprecedented. For the most part, this election has been troublesome, to say the least. Troublesome not because of an email scandal but troublesome because this election has legitimized hate in such a way that everything we thought this country has surpassed showed itself ever more strongly. I’m talking about hate.

To acknowledge that there are those who believed in a campaign whose leader claims to be a champion for all is to acknowledge that “all” doesn’t mean everyone. Anyone who had access to political maps and who saw the progress of the united states turn red every election minute knows that, despite what some say about “not all those who are red are hateful,” the leader of the red party was. Is. There is no denying it now that he has become president-elect via the electoral college system. The red party has voted in a known misogynist, a known hateful, discriminatory man as the supreme leader of the united states and of the world, in influence. There is no denying this. How then can you claim that “not all those who are red are hateful” if the red party has voted as their representative and as their leader a known hateful man? There is no denying that those who voted red assisted in legitimizing his words. Those of difference who voted red have assisted in legitimizing their own fate.

This is real for all those who have been subjected to prejudice and hateful violence. This is real for those who can’t run from the color of their skin, for those who must walk these united states trapped in a shell of their body knowing that they are being judged just for their right to live. Those who pass this election off as no big deal must not have been present when people of difference were being targeted by police for the color of their skin? Must not have been present for all those who are locked up based on a campaign over war on drugs? Must have not been present when women who wear hijabs are viewed as terrorists solely for covering their hair? Don’t “all lives matter”?

I didn’t feel it was right to continue this journal’s post schedule as if nothing has happened. It happened. And it’s a fearful reality that many people, especially those of difference, must endure for the time being. It wouldn’t have been right for this journal to pledge a credo with words that speak about valuing difference without saying words on behalf of those who don’t hate.

Those who don’t hate are in a moment of incredulous speechlessness. Asking ourselves “how could this have happened” is irrelevant. Of course this has happened. Throughout history and especially during the past eight years, if not more, hate has endured. Now we have been a witness to this in a large scale. We just never imagined that it would happen to us. Now. Throughout all we have endured throughout history, throughout the fight for civil rights and for women’s rights as human rights, we never thought this would happen. Now.

Those who are in despair just know that you’re not alone. You’re not alone. We are here for you and we give value to you. We will all protect each other. And, we will all stand together and make change — that I guarantee.



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