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Comic Reviewer Rachel McGill Reviews The Woods By James Tynion IV And Michael Dialynas! Published By Boom Studios

The Woods By James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas, published by Boom Studios | The Black Lion Journal | The Black LIon


Rachel McGill Lv141Rogue | The Black Lion Journal | The Black Lion

By Rachel McGill

I’ve always eyed The Woods in my local comic shop but it wasn’t until I got Comixology Unlimited that I started reading the series. I have to say, The Woods was so good that I read issues 1-4 all in a row.

Issue #1 starts with 4 different people (of seemingly vastly different times periods/cultures) staring at a pyramid — their eyes glowing the same yellow that is emitted by the pyramid. Flashback to Bay Point Preparatory High School — just another typical school day, that is until the building starts to quake. A bright flash and suddenly Bay Point finds itself on an alien planet. Stranded in a dark forest and on a moon orbiting a gas giant. Purple and red hues cover the page, making things feel ominous and unusual. The faculty, staff, and students rush outside to see what has happened only to be attacked by small creatures. They can’t seem to catch a break as they are attacked by even larger creatures after returning to the school. A group of students, including the student who seems to have a connection with the pyramid, decide to explore the moon further.

The Woods is chocked full of power struggles, similar to what might actually happen in this situation. James Tynion does such a good job in portraying what humans are like in stressful situations – the good and the bad. In many ways it reminds me of Robert Kirkman’s work — raw human emotions in a fucked up situation. Tynion expertly builds his characters into the environment so much so that Bay Point and the alien moon are in themselves characters. I feel that often the scenes are such secondary thoughts, but in The Woods, Bay Point is a refugee, a prison, a trap, and a home. And of course, the alien moon holds the key to what has happened to Bay Point Prepratory High School. A lot happens over the span of 4 issues, of which I won’t spoil. However, I’ll leave you with this: The Woods is a story of survival and soon Bay Point will find they are not alone.

The art is just as fantastic as the writing in this series! I have to give mad props to Michael Dialynas. The artstyle is edgy but has a comfortable familiarity to it. Dialynas’s alien world is creative, creepy, and, more than that, believable. I highly recommend this series to any SF and comic fan.


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