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Marvel’s Luke Cage Is The Show We Need Right Now — And It’s Delivering

Netflix’s recent dig into the Marvel Cinematic Universe has hit well, for the most part, with fans of all types. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and the upcoming series for Iron Fist, the crossover miniseries The Defenders, and The Punisher will be released in 2017 — that’s not including the series that will be release on ABC and on Freeform.

Luke Cage and Claire Temple walk the streets of Harlem in Marvel's Luke Cage on Netflix. | The Black Lion Journal | The Black Lion

Luke Cage and Claire Temple walk the streets of Harlem in Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix.

The soft-spoken hero of Harlem, Luke Cage, has brought up a revival of authentic black experience that is euphoric to listen and watch, especially during times of constant negative black images. Quality wise, Marvel’s Luke Cage offers a narrative void of dominant influence — and, as contributor Kate has told me, Luke Cage offers an alternative narrative that purposely focuses only on the black experience.

Fan criticism has been boiled down to three parties: those who hate it, those who wish less was more, and those who love it. Those who hate it cry foul with the show’s writing and “political agenda.” Those who wish less was more wanted the show to be capped at 8 episodes, citing that the writing weakened near the end. Those who love it appreciated the effort made in keeping true to Luke Cage’s Harlem love and his point of view. Nevertheless, Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix makes for good, powerful entertainment that delivers a much needed voice for the black experience.

Touching on current political events, Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix is at a good place to go forth on issues and narratives that would have otherwise been washed out if on a different network. Keeping his character close to the hero we love on paper, Netflix allows the show writers, however you may like them, to create a world in which Luke Cage’s world view, political as it naturally is, is valued and upheld as an alternative narrative to mainstream voices.

The music of Luke Cage is a whole other story —

Appearances from A$AP Ferg and Method Man; Ali Shaheed Muhammad of hip-hop outfit A Tribe Called Quest; all supervised by Adrian Younge. For each episode, the music had its influence after a song by Brooklyn rap duo Gang Starr. The show’s music itself is something to marvel at (haha) with its sound being a strong mashup to the power of Luke Cage’s story. The music of Luke Cage can be explored in a mini behind-the-scenes video by Netflix. Watch below! And be sure to watch Luke Cage on Netflix and see what you think of the show.

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