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Voter Registration Has Increased But More Must Be Done For Those Who Aren’t Yet Registered

On Monday September 26 2016, the outlined portion of North America known famously as the United States, (though united is a word that can be contested) had its first of three debates for the highest office held by an individual in government, that of the president.

Vote! Image of a small ballot box, an image for November 8th US elections. | The Black Lion

Vote! Image of a small ballot box, an image for November 8th US elections.

Since September 9 2016, voter registration increased for the November 8 2016 general election by 73.45% from 72.58% on September 2012. The .87% increase means that almost one million people — 992,146 to be exact —have registered to vote for a total of 18,251,826 voters; that’s compared to 17,259,680 in 2012.

The increase is presumed to be steadily rising the closer the November 8 election springs near. The next presidential debate is scheduled for Sunday October 9 2016, and there is much anticipation for increased voter registration until the last day to register. But more must be done for those who aren’t yet registered.

The last day to register to vote for the upcoming election is different for each state — for California, it’s October 24 to register online, by mail, or in person. Voters who have not yet registered and are interested in doing so must do so early — searching online for your state’s registration requirements and deadlines is the first step. The second step is making sure members of your community are informed on how to register, especially if they don’t have access to the internet.


Information for California Residents (all can be found by searching online)

The Official Voter Information Guide is the main booklet that should come by mail for all registered voters. If, by chance, you haven’t received yours, you can download it for free online. Keep in mind, the general election is not just about the next presidents. Ballot measures, such as propositions, and state representatives are also elected — also local initiatives and local government officials are just as important and will be found on the ballot.

Start With The Family And With Friends. Invite The Community Too.

Start with Family & Friends. | The Black Lion

Start with Family & Friends.

For those who can, set up a mini voter registration drive. Grab your family and friends and make an event out of it. If you know your family will have a special event, make an announcement and start setting up shop.

You can download a PDF version of the registration form and send it by mail (a stamp will be needed). Or, to be fancy, you can take your laptop (or on a desktop computer…) and register people online. If you live in an apartment complex that allows it, make an announcement with a flyer, or some other way, and become a representative for voter registration. Print out a National Mail Voter Registration Form and be sure to get stamps. Drop them off at our local post office or, better, at your local Registrar’s Office or DMV.

(You can also register to vote at your local DMV office or at your local Registrar of Voters office.)

NOTE: Be sure that people have identification cards or a driver’s license number. You will need this to register.

If you want to establish an official Voter Registration, like the ones you find outside grocery stores or at Universities, then you must follow official guidelines.

Create A Culture Of Peaceful Politics

Peace! | The Black Lion


You know the saying — “never talk politics or religion over the dinner table.” TBL Journal wants to break the taboo. Don’t be afraid to have political discussions with family and friends. Ask questions about things you may not understand. Research and inform others about political information. There’s a reason why politics is a heated topic among relatives and friends — it’s because it’s personal. It involves values and world views — perspectives that are essential for progress.

Share Your Knowledge

If you or someone you do/don’t know asks you a question that you know the answer to, share your knowledge. Research and look for answers in order to stay informed. Remember — this is a country that works best when we all help each other move forward. Let’s share that message.

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