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This Week: The Black Lion Journal Will Feature Three Amazing Artists For Its Inaugural Submissions In TBL Journal’s Magazine Of Creativity Called The Wire’s Dream: 9/1 and 9/2

This week, The Black Lion Journal is honored and proud to feature three brilliant artists whose work is inspirational and exquisite. These artists are from different parts of the world and best reflect TBL Journal’s mission, goal, and credo. Their work will be featured on TBL Journal’s magazine of creativity called The Wire’s Dream as inaugural posts for the magazine.

The Wire's Dream Logo

The Wire’s Dream reflects TBL Journal’s effort to continue its mission by featuring creative work from differing artists and creative people. Its goal is to produce content that is creative, diverse, and inclusive; content that honors and recognizes underrepresented and differing world views, truths, and realities. These three inaugural submissions do just that.

TBL Journal invites submissions to The Wire’s Dream that are whimsical, genre-bending; submissions that speak of true experience, passion, and inspiration. Pieces that best merge classifications, that invite differing perspectives or world views on everyday experience, that challenge traditional views of “good” literature, and that show creativity in varying, sometimes unusual, ways. We invite you to share your best work—work that showcases who you are, where you come from, and what you love to do.

In addition to the work featured this week, TBL Journal makes a strong effort to feature the artists with an interview. The interview will emphasize who the artists are, how they approach their work, and their future goals.

I truly hope you look forward to seeing the featured art and artists as much as TBL Journal is in showing them to you!

TBL Journal Administrator

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