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Readings On Feminist Literature — In Continuation With #HeForShe

HeForShe | The Black Lion Journal


In #HeForShe’s Powerhouse Movement: A Brief Account Of Its Inspiration & Influence, I wrote about HeForShe’s gender equality and women’s empowerment movement. I also wrote down a few names of feminist literature writers for further reading.

Below are two pictures of the readings I had for my Gender, Rhetoric, and Body course that I took during my graduate school. My professor, Dr. Suzanne Bordelon, put together this list of readings, and is, therefore, credited for the pictures of the syllabus. In all honesty, this class was the most fun I had in learning about women’s rights and the feminist movement. I have learned more, of course, after taking this course — and those readings I will add here too. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. You know what to do.

Women's Readings | #HeForShe | The Black Lion Journal


Women's Readings | #HeForShe | The Black Lion Journal

Additional Readings

Bell Hooks “Feminism: A Movement to End Feminist Oppression” (PDF)

Jessica Enoch “Survival Stories: Feminist Historiographic Approaches to Chicana Rhetorics of Sterilization Abuse” (JSTOR — Subscription possibly needed, if you’re able to get through an institution, like your university or possibly local library. I will attempt to find a link to post)

More Resources

Nineteenth-Century Feminist Writings

How Many of These Early Black Feminists Do You Know?

List of feminist literature

Bell Hooks Journal Articles

Bell Hooks Institute

We Remember: Remarkable Pro-Life Women®


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