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Blog Forum | #Published With A Big “P” • What does publishing mean to you?

Blog Forum • Week of August 16 – 19 2016: What does publishing mean to you? | (The Purpose Of The Black Lion Journal’s Blog Forum)

Recently, TBL Journal wrote a Facebook note on publishing and what publishing means to this journal: “publishing is an engagement, first, with the writer and the reader. It must have at its core an element that is ever evolving.” — Anne Logan talked about her experience working in publishing for 7 years in TBL Journal’s first official interview: “Publishing is a notoriously low-paying industry, so working as an intern is the best way to get your foot in the door, because publishers need that low-cost help all the time. Volunteering at book-related non-profits is also a great way to get started, so look into your local book festivals and writing organizations to gain more experience. If you’re willing to work hard for very little pay, and you have a passion for books, you’ve got a great chance of being successful in this industry.”

#Publishing with a big “P” can mean different things. What do you think? TBL Journal leaves you with this week’s question: What does publishing mean to you?


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