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SSWA’s The Foundry Is The Event To Be At For San Diego Writers

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Imposter Syndrome • Neil Gaiman

Between navigating those navel-gazing waters also attributed to writer’s self-doubt and attempting to overcome imposter syndrome — that perilous feeling that one is not worthy of their accomplishments, or calling oneself a writer — one can fail to recognize that need for finding one’s support system. “Where can I find a writing group?” “Where are the writing events in San Diego?” If you’re a San Diego writer, chances are you have Googled “writing groups in San Diego”, or some variation thereof, and have come across a few attention worthy links. If, like most writers I know, you are too shy for one’s good, then finding the best writer’s community for you can be strenuous work.

The Foundry is So Say We All’s new literary series, and it highlights performed fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or other creative arts — It began opening its arms for San Diego writers on Spring of 2016. So Say We All (SSWA) is a non-profit organization for the literary and performing arts, and has since established itself as one of San Diego’s best known resources for new and established writers. The first of The Foundry series was held at Soda & Swine in Liberty Station on April 5 2016; The second, on July 30th 2016, at Tiger Eye Hair in San Diego’s Golden Hill community. Both events had a cast of writers who each took fire to the night with their explosive words and incredible fictions.

writing events, San Diego, SSWA, So Say We All, Lizz Huerta reads “I, Succubus.” Photography by Matthew Baldwin

Lizz Huerta reads “I, Succubus.” At The Foundry #1 Photography by Matthew Baldwin

So Say We All Logo | The Black Lion Journal

So Say We All Logo | The Black Lion Journal

SSWA’s events allow writers the opportunity to engage with an audience eager for words by new or well-known individuals. Their mission — to “create opportunities for individuals to tell their stories, and tell them better” — is upheld by three priorities: publishing, performance, and education. The Foundry, as a performance, is one event that is good for networking and community — something that establishing writers can look forward to having. SSWA’s Production Director, Julia Dixon Evans, has a flair for choosing unique spots around San Diego for SSWA’s programming and production. The Foundry #2 was held inside of Tiger Eye Hair, an architecturally preserved place that was once a Texaco gas station. Its ample space was well suited for creating an atmosphere best for after-hour literary experiences. For current updates by SSWA’s Production Director, be sure to follow Julia Dixon Evans on Twitter and on her Website.)

You can be sure that SSWA’s literary reading events are pleasing to the ear. The Foundry gives new writers the opportunity to learn from other fellow writers who, most likely, shared similar writing journeys (and plagues) as you may have.

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