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Promises and Practices | A Positive Introduction To An Updated TBL Journal

It’s been officially 2 months since I have taken TBL Journal offline for “temporary” updates. To be quite honest, the updates for TBL Journal were scheduled to be routine and quick. This was before I decided to relaunch TBL Journal so that its mission and goal were updated to reflect the evolving nature of lit journals. It has done so to my satisfaction—and hopefully to yours as well.

What you will first see is an update to the mission—something that was always implied before but never strictly put in letters. The Credo will define what TBL Journal has always been about. The wonderful contributors are now housed under the Masthead so that you will always have direct access to their information. You will also see how the journal is organized and how it reflects its interdisciplinary character within its Sections. The Wire’s Dream, TBL Journal’s magazine of creativity housed under Submitted Creations, will showcase content classified as Fiction, Poetry, Art, Photography, Creative Non-Fiction, and Combinación (a combination/blend) of genres/classifications. There is a page specifically for Book Review Requests that details what TBL Journal requires of any potential Author/Writer for a book review request. Finally, the Submit page details how to submit for each individual section of the journal as well as for The Wire’s Dream.

In the next few weeks, TBL Journal will have the pleasure of introducing artists, poets, familiar faces, and discourse in academia and in social justice in the form of articles and The Wire’s Dream submissions!

Thank you for sticking close to TBL Journal and for holding on this far. I hope you enjoy exploring the past articles before the new ones start to show up. I am beyond excited for you to see what’s waiting behind the scenes.

TBL Journal Administrator

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