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2016 AWP Bound | #AWP16

by your enthusiastic TBL Journal Administrator

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Sunny weather (most of the time), great people (when not stuck in traffic), amazing food (actually, nothing bad here). Los Angeles, California, home of my birth place, and, currently the home of the 2016 AWP Writer’s Conference–officially “Association of Writers and Writing Programs”.

2016 AWP Conference LA

2016 AWP Conference LA

The AWP Conference has been going around, state to state, throughout the United States since their non-profit establishment in 1967. Started by 15 writers representing 13 creative writing programs, their mission was to overcome higher education’s resistance of creative writing programs. Since then, it has grown to support “the development of hundreds of educational programs, conferences, reading series, and literary magazines, as well as thousands of jobs for writers and new audiences for contemporary literature.” In their own words:

AWP fosters literary achievement, advances the art of writing as essential to a good education, and serves the Masters in Fine Arts programs around the cou

Source: AWP: Our History and the Growth of Creative Writing Programs

From Thursday, March 31st to Saturday, April 2nd, this is the place to be this weekend, if you’re able to make it. Fortunately, your very own Administrator will be attending #AWP16 conference held at The Los Angeles Convention Center, pictured above ^^^ on Thursday March 31st and *possibly* Friday April 1st (no April Fools!).

Updates on the event will appear on twitter @cina_lydia and @TBLJournal! Stay tuned.


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