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Featured Series | Angela Vincent: Humility, London, and Other Musings–All in a Bookworm’s Life

There is no doubt in our TBL Administrator’s mind that women empowering others to read and to love books is a priceless value. For this reason, when she spied Angela Vincent–book blogger, Londoner, attested bookworm–she knew that she wanted a writer, blogger, and reviewer like her as a re-post contributor.

So she asked if she could re-post her reviews from time to time. Beautifully enough, Angela Vincent said yes–and TBL has never been more grateful since!

Angela Vincent

Angela Vincent. Londoner. Bookworm. Reviewer.
“I adore living in London and am very aware of the privilege of being surrounded by wonderful buildings, beautiful parks, fabulous art galleries and museums and of course a vast array of book shopping opportunities. I am inspired daily by these and try to take every opportunity to embrace this fabulous city and all it has to offer.”

Why TBL Loves Angela Vincent

Angela Vincent is a marvelous writer and book reviewer. Her experience in book reviewing comes across in how she represents each book, right down to the book’s image. Small details like that make a difference between a traditional book review to one that is approachable and friendly. Living in a city that has an accumulation of history and culture from the literary landscape doesn’t hurt either!

Why TBL Picked Angela Vincent

Londoner? + Reviewer? + Bookworm? = Sold. She is a versatile blogger–she blogs not only about books and bookish things, but about the bookish experience! Including, but not limited to: London life, literary events, poetry, and beautiful book shops. Her versatility empowers women and young readers to love the power of words, to embrace the bookish life, and to appreciate where you come from.

So what comes next? With continuing permission, you will see her reviews show up on TBL from time to time!

Check out Angela Vincent’s reviews on TBL. For more about what she does for a living, visit at her blog. She’s on twitter!


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