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Featured Series | LightLit: Children’s Literature

When our TBL Administrator first saw LightLit, she fell in love with the variety of book reviews listed on the blog. For who doesn’t like picture books or YA novels or even those considered classics? What’s most important is that LightLit is a reader. And, as a reader, Lightlit enjoys what Matilda has taught us– “everything.”


So in “light” (pun intended) of a healthy and polite blog stalk, our TBL Administrator grabbed courage to ask LightLit permission to re-post a few articles from time to time! In addition, LightLit is studying at the University of Dublin, Ireland, for a Master’s in Children’s Literature (hurray for a fellow Master’s student!).

Why TBL Loves LightLit:

LightLit is a special book blog that doesn’t exclude books by their genre:

“If you read something and enjoy it, then it’s worth reading no matter what others say.” –LightLit

What our TBL administrator loved the most was the inclusion of picture books (wordless books and graphic novels) for both children and adults. Needless to say, the visual rhetorical appeal of a picture book or graphic novel should be considered just as valuable as those books that primarily use a print based medium for communication.

Why TBL Picked LightLit:

Reviews that are honestly written coupled with a range of intellectual commentary that spans from children’s literature to adult–this is what our TBL Administrator loves to share with readers and what she looks for the most when browsing for potential re-post contributors. LightLit is a strong blog and blogger that highlights the best of what literature has to offer. Check out what TBL has re-posted here.


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