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Removing One’s Self From a Lengthy Hiatus

So it may seem that The Black Lion’s last post was made in December of 2014. You are not mistaken. When life happens, sometimes one must just “roll with it,” so to speak. Your TBL administrator has had an interesting ending to 2014 and has had an even more interesting beginning half of 2015. She won’t go into details. [Side note–can you believe the year’s technical over?]

As it so happens, pending an internet installation, she has decided to re-start TBL despite its mis-matched schedule. As a learning lesson for future journal administrators out there–do not be afraid of adaptation, for it is your best friend.

In light of our excellent re-post contributors, your TBL administrator will continue to draw sources from their websites, so long as there are no issues (none anticipated, but you never know).

NOTE: For those who wish to become re-post contributors or who would like to contribute directly to TBL, visit our contribute page to learn more.

Disclaimer: TBL is a flexible journal and has no shame in adapting its time frame. If, by any circumstance, you may feel uneasy about changes in its posting schedule, your TBL administrator suggests that you take THREE deep breaths then read a good book.

Thank you for your consistent love.

–TBL Administrator


As always, if you have any questions, select the contact page and leave a message.

Life Happens


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