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Featured Series | Pinks + Femme: On Women and Rhetoric

This past May, our TBL Administrator graduated with a Master’s Degree in Rhetoric and Writing, with an emphasis in Professional and Technical Writing, from SDSU, and has since appreciated Rhetoric in all forms, despite its nasty connotation.

Pinks+Femme is the brainchild of fellow Rhetoric and Writing studies classmates, Jamie McDowell (Femme) and Kristin Agnes (Pinks). Their work expands our idea of what rhetoric can be by showing us that ALL things are rhetorical. Here’s a snippet from their website:

“Rhetoricians are badass communicators, experts, if you will, at the art of connection–in every form. But Rhetoric; what exactly is that?! In Aristotle’s words “Let rhetoric be an ability, in each case, to see the available means of persuasion.”

Rhetoric is a hard definition to pin down; it is a highly versatile term and has highly versatile functions. This is why we LOVE it. We like to think of Rhetoric as an embodiment of how to effectively connect to people, places, and things.”

Why TBL Loves Pinks+Femme:

Any time women speak up about lifestyle, culture, politics, or anything of popular interest, for that matter, conversations become fuller because we are hearing voices that have been historically diminished and disenfranchised. Pinks+Femme are examples of what young, talented, educated young women can do with their agency.

Why TBL Picked Pinks+Femme:

Who doesn’t love articles about music, politics, lifestyle, television, or fashion? When we delve into rhetorical spaces that challenge our notions of what we consider “everyday life,” we allow opportunities for discourse that break-down, analyze, and even pinpoint the roots of our beliefs, values, ideologies, and world-views. This is essential conversation, the foundations for true empowerment.

So, what’s next? Only the future will tell what these ladies have in store for all of us here in the blogosphere. In the mean time, let’s enjoy what they have written for us, shall we?

For more on Pinks+Femme, visit their website.


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