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Featured Series | A.E. Hellar: Women and SF

When our TBL Administrator first began TBL, her thought was always to find and highlight women writers who excelled in predominantly male-focused enterprises. Then on WordPress, she found her first book blogger and book reviewer whose enthusiasm for science fiction and woman writers astounded her.

Meet A.E. Hellar; a humble woman, an activist, a BLM Girl, and an overall resourceful person who just so happens to have a passion for science fiction (perfect!).

A.E. Hellar

After politely stalking her blog and her twitter account, our TBL Administrator got the courage to ask permission to re-blog a few of her book reviews from time to time (this is the ONLY way our TBL Administrator will directly ask an individual to re-post her or his content). Long story short, she said yes. Here’s a snippet of what her blog is all about:

“I have a thing for minority women who write science fiction and fantasy. I’m a writer, but above all I’m a reader. I love science fiction and fantasy for so many reasons and think everyone should read at least one SF or Fantasy book in their life. I’m also aware that it’s kind of hard to find a new minority author, so it is important to share authors when you find them.”

Why TBL Loves A.E. Hellar Reviews:

TBL’s all about finding empowerment through writing. Books and cleverness, as Hermione Granger might say, are not all that matter, but “bravery and friendship” matter too. Basically, finding connections with others, whether online, at a local bookstore, or an author event is the best way to share, converse, and to associate yourself with those who have like-minded passions like yours. A.E. Hellar is all about that and more.

Why TBL Picked A.E. Hellar Reviews:

Cleverly chosen sci-fi books, a focus on STEM and Women, and a specialization on minority writers who write science fiction–what more can you ask from a sci-fi book reviewer?

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, A.E. Hellar has paused her blog for the time being–but our TBL Administrator does anticipate her likely return, hopefully very soon! In the mean time, TBL has exhausted re-posting her book reviews but will continue to have her onboard as a re-post contributor. Additionally, you can still find her reviews directly on her blog as well as her re-post reviews here.


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